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Friday, September 30, 2011

Harrison, AR, Attracts Non-Violence Summit; Diversity Still a Struggle

Harrison, AR, Attracts Non-Violence Summit; Diversity Still a Struggle

The Martin Luther King Jr Commission is doing a good thing by talking about non-violence. I truly believe it is helpful to be tolerant. We helped to integrate the public schools in Fort Smith, Arkansas; my station was Darby Junior High. We came from Lincoln High School and to this day my school records reflect that. The integration legislation is invasive in the southwest region, with Arkansas trying to settle in 2011--Dallas, TX tried to settle in 2003--Oklahoma is especially struck economic wise with school closings.

Sometimes those feelings of discrimination return.  Diversity is known to be part and parcel in this world but discrimination co-exists, it is even around me personally at this stage in my life. Children suffer the most from violence. That is probably because they can't defend themselves. Social science says discrimination leads the way to the act!

What lessons teach us to discover more fruitful ways to learn to associate with people without so much of a stone in our eye? Even though familiar smirks all too often show up, it is my belief they are limited. So be constructive and show your best networking skill when that does happen so that you too can share the dream!

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Friday, September 9, 2011


Violence is something that is hard to deal with. One thing in particular stands out and that is poor traits. I don't mean monetary gain and a house on the top of the hill. I mean spiritual character. Where one person thinks another person has some dignity about themselves and to leave them their space. We  know from culture that we give each other so much space to accept each others presence. Sometime people cross these boundaries without regard for others humanity. We can be spiritually transformed and ignore that behavior, or we can take action to minmize that behavior in our lives. Tolerance comes with the environment we are in which still holds us responsible to at least try to do better!

Involving Men in Efforts to End Violence Against Women