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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Humility does Censure Faith

Imani {Faith} as the Principle of Love

Attitude is a social emotion that we live by when going about daily tasks. Sometimes life experience dictate that we interact to give certain impressions of how we want to be known among our peers. However, what people observe most often are our critique on what went on in the office, at church, home or in the neighborhood. What we fail to recognize is that this affect has quite a bit to do with our well being and sense of wholeness. Do you have enough attitude to say I don't like that or I don't think that's right and try to do something about it?

You know we have a basic need to be accepted and loved. Just because something does not go your way, doesn't mean that you're not deserving of devotion. Honorarium and happiness are paradox in communal association. When we seek approval, of course there is always a if situation. Righteousness toward other's does reduce the risk we must take when we give out of love. You know it might be a good idea to seek out those opportunities to give and share outside of our comfort zone.

What is necessary to recieve the blessing? Give charitably might be one answer. Likewise we need take personal reflection and ponder why outcomes changed situations. Was our intention in community boastful or simply to enjoy the bounty given by God's grace. Perhaps the host would change our guest list when the invite was not accepted without excuse. Simply because others demanor and perception was of no value to their status. Our actions show that we are not worthy and need guidance, assurance and teaching to be able to share God's kingdom.

Pray: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.
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