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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My princess or Sarai: the name originally meaning of the name Sarah (Genesis 11:31; 17:15). Easton’s Bible Dictionary

WOMEN’S EXPERIENCE; Sarah must have expectations to her role in life. She must have contemplated that before her marriage and what her marriage would mean to her.
Comment: Sarai changed to Sarah and Abram to Abraham when the ceremony of circumcision with God; a covenant to them and their marriage; where she was to bare the child of inheritance.

WOMEN’S EXPERIENCE: Prophecy to be the mother of nations.
Princess, the wife and at the same time the half sister of Abraham (Genesis 11:29’ 20:12). This name was given to her at the time that it was announced to Abraham that she should be the mother of the promised child. Her story is from her marriage identified with that of the patriarch till the time of her death. Her death, at the age of one hundred and twenty-seven years (the only instance in Scripture where the age of a woman is recorded), was the occasion of Abraham’s purchasing the cave of Machpelah as a family burying-place.

In the allegory of Galatians 4:22-31 she is the type of the “Jerusalem which is above.” She is also mentioned as Sara in Hebrews 11:11 among the Old Testament worthies, who “all died in faith.” (See ABRAHAM) Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Princess: She is referred to in the New Testament as a type of conjugal obedience in I Peter 3:6. Sarah the daughter of Asher Numbers 26:46 Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Gill Laverne McCain, “The Story of Hagar: God’s Blueprint for Justice,” in Daughter’s of Dignity Women in the Bible and the Virtues of Black Womanhood, (Ohio: The Pilgrim Press, 2000) 10-25.
Gill Laverne McCain, “Reflecting on Hagar,” in Daughter’s of Dignity Women in the Bible and the Womanhood Virtues of Black Womanhood, (Ohio: The Pilgrim Press, 2000) 26-28.

Customary Law
Sarah as principal wife of Abraham

Code of Hammurabi Section 146

If a man take a wife and she give this man a maid-servant as wife and she bear him children, and then this maid assume equality with the wife: because she has borne him children her master shall not sell her for money, but he may keep her as a slave, reckoning her among the maid-servants.

Abraham’s Dispute with Abimelech

Key terms: Beer-Sheba “well of the oath,” Abimelech guaranteed Abraham’s loyalty by an oath shown in verse 31 chapter 21; the story begins at Genesis Chapter 20. Abraham and Sarah were in Gerar and the story is parallels that of Genesis chapter 12.10-20 and comparison are 26.6-11. This is an ethical problem. Abraham’s role is that of an intercessory prophet.

Beer-Sheba “Well of seven”: Genesis 21 verses 25-26 and 28-30, a dispute over a well

Abraham is promised a son

Genesis chapter 15.7-21: God makes a covenant with Abraham. This is the covenant of circumcision. Likewise it is known as the early tradition of Jewish literature that is part of the received text of Genesis. Abraham had a vision and heard the word of the LORD. Abraham told of his concern that he was childless and had been given no offspring. The heir of his house was Elie’zer (slave)
WOMEN’S EXPERIENCE: Sarah as the principal wife of Abraham….
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