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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Revised Common Lectionary Season after Pentecost Proper 22

First Reading

Lamentation 1.1-6
Psalm 137

How we feel oppressed and endure shame, anger and feel little grace
from God our heavenly father is reaching out. Pray and question how
the person with no sense of righteousness gets ahead and we seem
fall further into the pit.

Second Reading

II Timothy
Also my ancestors were enslaved. Righteousness prevailed and they
were freed.
Slavery would create ripe situations for cowards and little compassion
for those willing to fight a foe that could not be easily defeated.
We need to overcome fear! Sharing your religion is good for your
soul and an indept recognition that we can have compassion
toward each other

Luke 17.5-10
The mustard seed carries enough faith that it will move mountains.
Our inheritance from Abraham gives us an idea on how to have and
be faithful to God Almighty. By all means we should do our duty.
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