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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blessedness as an Affirmation of Faith

Hearing the Word

Jacob had become a old man and felt his lifespan was near finished. The principal wife loved of him Rachel; was deceased. That wounded relationship experienced another tear; when Joseph became entangled with his brothers and was removed to Egypt. The channel of slaverly brought Joseph to his purpose in restoring the harvest in part. He likewise will be blessed by his father Jacob and the gentile thought that someone other than a descendant of Abraham's flesh will be given coveant. The faith is established as a legacy through generations in accord with customary law. The ritual observances are today even built around our faith in the word of God and our reponse in prayer. We are missionaries, here to spread the word in truth, deed, hope, faith, and preservance. When Jacob blesses Joseph's sons he switch's the elder to the younger, and announces that they will both be a great nation. Again here we witness creation of faith being spread to other communities beside that of father Abraham. The "hand of blessing" becomes known as a wondrous grace, not because of the way it is always gone. We must focus and reconcile the fact that our blessing is an invocation of the divine persona manifested in his ever present being to man and his domain.

Question: Does our culture have enough respect for the power and importance of words to find any real meaning in "words of blessing"? Does our church?
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