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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bush's African Visit!

President Bush pledges one million schoolbooks for Liberian children. The Partners in Education program was witnessed by first lady Laura Bush. Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf welcomed Bush into the capital city Monrovia. The United States has made an effort to revitalize Liberia's economy. This exceptional educational effort will bring forth fuits for tomorrow. Bush's efforts are applauded to engage not only in a military economy; also a econmic venture for the people.
The CME Church has a mission in Liberia. I lost contact with the church in Monrovia at the beginning of the war threat.
Let us lift holy hands in prayer to recognize good deeds are coming our way in life. Let us pray for a president who has been burdened with a terror war. Now experience wellness in breaking the old african colonization ties of slavery to equal opportunity. Gone from us should be the thought that only one group is welcome in the opportunity of democracy. Gone from us is the notion that slavery be a bargaining chip to restore a union full of pain and sorrow off of another man's labor. Pray away the myth that Africa is inferior.
Ephphatha {Be Opened} to the will of our LORD AND Savior Jesus Christ. Bring us into the healing power of Christ, Amen!
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