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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ephphatha Book Companion

Literary Society
What comes to mind when you think of a literary society? The link for this section will show the Male and Female Literary Society established around 1837 after schools were opened for African American children in Philadelphia. What I would like is for your eyes to be opened [ephphatha] along with mine while we study black thought and culture as a primary focus. However, I read classic literature and I am open to discussion of other topis as well. I'm not under the mistake that the other people of color don't discuss multicultural literature.
I've opened a library with google and a reader that features the Sankofa Literary Society. The goal is to network and bring literarcy to the forefront of our study. The book I'm currently reviewing is Daughter's of Dignity Women in the Bible and the virtues of Black Womanhood by Laverne McCain Gill.
I challenge you to engage in the future for yourself and your generations to follow. Genealogy is a popular subject and one day our letters will probably appear somewhere in a database with the topic of popular culture 21st century school.
Our daily bible study today is I Chronicles 15:1-3, 11-15 Old Testament.
The Ark is Brought to Jerusalem The Ark is Brought to Jerusalem
David assemble all Israel at Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of the LORD. The Levite priests are requested to be the only ones to minister to the LORD and carry the ark. However the is no mention of the Levites in the ecclesia of David in II Samuel chapter 6. One thing for certain is that we know the primary goal is to worship the LORD God Almighty creator of heaven and earth. He then proceeds to give a roll call of the headmen in the village. The request now is to sanctify themselves before the ceremony of the ark. They were being sept apart for a sacred ritual. Being in the consecarted area one needed purity of heart and mind. That is what we will be achieving by the ephphatha mantra. Constant study and quest for righteous knowledge and how to apply to our daily life. This is a sacred vow to be involved in the Christian renewal. Achievment is the only spirit in this capitalist society. Ephphatha mantra request that we be open and adhere to the spirit of love and peace. That way we give off joy and hope from our spiritual aura. Morally sanctioned by the law of man and GOD we need not be ignorant of our potential. Let us encourage ourselve. Let us be in touch with our spirit.
"Male and Female Literary Societies"
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