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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Women in America!

The African American woman is challenged to make great relatinship decisions. The pool of suitable males in her own race is dwindling or near non existent unless she accepts something. Ritual of Understanding comes into play when we become determined to engage in relationship's that may lead to a family. Intellectual compaionship is an assets that a partner is expected to possess. Have you ever been in contact with a learned man? Such a person whom you speak with that engages you in conversation and awareness that your togetherness is special. Must this type of person be a docotr of medicine or of the arts and sciences? Which idea is compulsive imagination or necessity? Then there comes the rennaisance man, the ideal Africanist who is willing and able to provide and teach his children the meaning of community. There are these guys out there, we just have to find them. What that means is to be happy in our relations we need to be actively promoting love and peace. Tolerance is the key word in relationship's, where another is accepted for who and what they are. I'm not saying that we must accept faults blindly; we must improve what we want to be better. Likewise we are not a doormat, we are sensitive individuals who care to bond in the heavenly places.
Sometime's we feel doubt within ourselves as to whether or not we are capable of sustaining a relationship. We do need to reflect and remember that Eve came to Adam so that he need not be alone. So stress less on the idea of self and more on the ideal of harmony in marriage and there is the victory. Feel justified in career life and family as a economic reality inside the 21st century school. What experience has taught us is that creating families and sustaining them no matter what is the right thing to do. Similarly others are happier than this group or that crowd. What we need to focus on is that each of us is speacial and when we do our part, this will change the statistic of the one parent family. When children don't notice there are two parent families very much, then the status quo is placed on a very limited bell curve. The US population is not about to become a polygny portal any way soon. Case studies abound where women need to stop sharing that man and respect themself and their child and find happiness with someone who is more mature. I really believe that persona is a greedy person that can not settle for himself one way or another. Be justified in the realization that his capability is limited, do not make yourself limited to possibilities. That type of Black male has done nothing less than perpetuate institutional discrimination against his sister companion.
Nightly News Special Report: Redefining Black Families

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