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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Coming to America.....

Obama's grandmother is watching the primaries also from Kogelo, Kenya. She is second principle wife of Obama's grandfather who became and took the muslim name Hussein. Obama and his grandmother have translators when they talk. That is great she being 86years old and keeping track of the election.
There will be a primary in Wyoming Saturday March 08, wellspring to Obama and hope to Clinton has been the say so of voters here in this United States. John McCain will lead the Republican party to another term of war in Iraq. So it seems that bringing a military base to Iraq is somehow easier than a war. I didn't care for the war, however I felt it must be necessary. Now, I want the leadership to get us out of Iraq befor the economic's begin to destroy our country.
Prayer: Lift holy hands in the name of LORD and savior Jesus Christ. God we ask that we make good decisions in times of need and make better choices for the benefit of all. Protect our leaders and show them in the ways of righteousness; where justice leads to caring for our neighbors as a priority and right relationship with the creator and humanity. Amen!
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